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GEN 23838
EAN: 4260036258387
18.90 €

Ana María Romano G. (*1971)  
posdomingo 02.10.2016 (2016)
Carolina Noguera Palau (*1978)  
C anto del ave negra (2018)
Carlos Andrés Rico (*1986)  
Nacido en el Valle, el Río y la Montaña (2015)
Daniel Leguizamón (*1979)  
signo a cambio (2022)
Natalia Valencia Zuluaga (*1976)  
Brother (2022)
Jorge Gregorio García Moncada (*1975)  
Un amor, puro e incondicional (2016)

voces, señales

Contemporary Accordion Music from Colombia

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On her new GENUIN CD, accordionist Eva Zöllner gathers the leading names of Colombia's younger generation of composers: voices that express diversity, creativity, and energy, as well as violence and darkness. In Colombia, the accordion is a popular instrument for folk and dance music, and the CD reflects the traditions of their country in its range. Sounds of contemporary music, environmental noises, electronics, and seemingly familiar things intermingle in the compositions of Ana María Romano G., Carolina Noguera Palau, Carlos Andrés Rico, and others, creating exciting soundscapes and an acoustic journey into an unknown world. All works were created in collaboration with Eva Zöllner.

Andreas Göbel presented the new album inhis broadcast Neue Musik aktuell on 18 September 2023