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GEN 21746
EAN: 4260036257465
18.90 €

Felix Mendelssohn  
"Es brechen im schallenden Reigen", MWV K 89 (op. 34, Nr. 3)
Felix Mendelssohn  
"Als ich das erste Veilchen erblickt", MWV K 63 (op. 19(a), Nr. 2)
Das erste Veilchen
Felix Mendelssohn  
"Wie der Quell so lieblich klinget", MWV K 97 (op. 47, Nr. 1)
Felix Mendelssohn  
"Laue Luft kommt blaue geflossen", MWV K 108 (op. 57, Nr. 6)
Felix Mendelssohn  
"Ich hör' ein Vöglein licken", MWV K 107
Im Frühling
Felix Mendelssohn  
"Über die Berge steigt schon die Sonne", MWV K 100 (op. 47, Nr. 2)
Felix Mendelssohn  
"Willkommen im Grünen", MWV K 36 (op. 8, Nr. 11)
Im Grünen
Felix Mendelssohn  
"Ach, wie schnell die Tage fliehen", MWV K 38 (op. 9, Nr. 5)
Im Herbst
Felix Mendelssohn  
"Wenn durch die Piazetta", MWV K 114 (op. 57, Nr. 5)
Venetianisches Gondellied
Felix Mendelssohn  
"Im Walde rauschen dürre Blätter", MWV K 99 (op. 84, Nr. 2)
Felix Mendelssohn  
"Werde heiter, meine Gemüte", MWV K 120 (op. 71, Nr. 1)
Felix Mendelssohn  
"Es lauschte das Laub so dunkelgrün". MWV K 29 (op. 86, Nr. 1)
Das Fenster
Felix Mendelssohn  
MWV K 78 (op. 86, Nr. 4)
Allnächtlich im Traume seh ich dich
Felix Mendelssohn  
"Auf dem Teich ist abgetan", MWV K 116 (op. 71, Nr. 4)
Felix Mendelssohn  
"Das Tagewerk ist abgetan", MWV K 125 (op. 71, Nr. 6)
Felix Mendelssohn  
"Vergangen ist der lichte Tag", MWV K 125 (op. 71, Nr. 6)
Felix Mendelssohn  
"Der trübe Winter ist vorbei", MWV K 127 (op. 86, Nr. 6)
Altdeutsches Frühlingslied


Songs of nature, life and love by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

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Awakening is the title of tenor Robert Pohlers' solo debut CD on GENUIN. Together with his pianist Friedrich Praetorius, he brings to life a unique compilation of lieder by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Songs of Nature, Life, and Love, sung mainly from the new edition of the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig. Why this is only now available is because the beautiful lieder are predominantly of private origin, and many of them were not originally intended for publication at all. With their intimate character, they are sonorous heart-to-heart messages, brought to us by the gentle voice of the former member of the Thomanerchor Robert Pohlers and the clear piano playing of Friedrich Praetorius.

"Pohlers has a very light and high tenor, which is just right for Mendelssohn's lyrical inventions. It's like he's letting the voice float."
Review by Rüdiger Winter, August 2021

RONDO Magazin
"They serve a happy dance of largely little-known chants (...) in the exact tone that imaginatively leads one into one of the famous salons of the Berlin upper class in the first half of the 19th century."
Review by Michael Wersin, August 21, 2021