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GEN 21739
EAN: 4260036257397
18.90 €

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)  
Partita in D minor for solo violin, BWV 1004 (1717–1720)
John Cage (1912–1992)  
Cheap Imitation for solo violin (1977)
John Cage  
The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs for voice and piano (1942)

Inside Out

Works by Johann Sebastian Bach and John Cage

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The young violinist Diamanda La Berge Dramm ventures to bridge music of the baroque with modern. In her GENUIN debut album, the Dutch artist interweaves the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and John Cage. In her collaboration with singers Michelle O'Rourke and Katinka Fogh Vindelev, the boundaries between singing and instrumental playing dissolve, and the production of sound itself becomes a highly exciting parameter. From the layers of depth in Bach's great Chaconne to the cobweb-thin tapestry of John Cage's genre-bending compositions, the violinist takes us on an exciting sonic journey that reveals her to be an artist who is as mature as she is inquisitive.

Het Parool
"On her album Inside Out she links Bach to John Cage and that works like yin and yang. (...) La Berge Dramm possesses the unique talent of giving the music an enchanting, timeless ritual character."
Review by Erik Voermans ,May 27, 2021

"Dramm's intimate meditation breathes something inescapable, her sober playing nestles deep within you, as do the voices of O'Rourke and Fogh Vindelev who seem to be talking to the violin like ghosts. Music that purifies the soul."
Review by Joost Galema ,June 17, 2021